[rotation] RE: RLnotes 18 jan 08+2

Geoffrey Stedman geoffrey.stedman at canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Jan 21 04:36:15 CET 2008


we need a video like this for our web page?!!
(like we need a hole in the head....I mean)
and our various superconductivity friends can share it
 well all  were  into rotation right
speaking of hole
maybe that rotor could make one if the bearings gave way
we can be beaten by a guy using galactic EM fields and no fuel....
the of aqueras does it
if you can't beat em join me or scorpion or something.
apparently there is already a NZ connection
the goggle link  said
YouTube - Joseph Newman Magnetic Motor - A montage of Newman's workHong Kong.
Ireland. Italy. Japan. Mexico. Netherlands. New Zealand .... Has Joseph Newman gone beyond modern physics? He himself seems to think so. ... 
nothing to say- so we've been beaten  to it mates.

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