[rotation] Session S08 on rotational seismology at the AGU Fall Meeting 2008

Heiner Igel igel at geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Mon Sep 1 17:58:57 CEST 2008

Dear Colleagues,

this is a final reminder to submit an abstract to the 2nd special 
session on rotational seismology at the AGU Fall Meeting 2008.

Scope: There is growing interest in understanding the potential of 
observing six degrees of freedom of ground motions (three translations 
and three rotations) and their relevance for seismic source and 
structural imaging, wavefield separation, strong ground motion, and 
shaking hazard. This session invites contributions on all aspects of 
rotational ground motions in seismology, earthquake engineering, and 
related fields, e.g.: (1) observations using high and low-resolution 
sensors; (2) point versus area-rotations; (3) the seismic inverse 
problem with rotations; (4) sensitivity of translational inertial 
sensors to ground rotations; (5) applications in reservoir seismology, 
strong motion seismology, earthquake source studies, and earthquake 

      Abstract Deadline: 10 September 2008, 2359 UT (Universal Time)

To submit an abstract please go to the following link:

Kind Regards
Heiner Igel and Ana Ferreira

ps: apologies if you receive this message more than once

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