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Heiner Igel igel at geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Fri Aug 28 15:19:45 CEST 2009

Dear IWGoRS members,

with this mail we would like to encourage you to use the IWGoRS www page 
and distribute relevant information to the working group. The www pages 
were setup so that you can easily modify contents without interaction 
with a www manager. To facilitate this we have prepared a number of 
tutorials that can now be accessed here:

What we would consider good practice is:

- to announce new projects, publications, and other relevant information 
by writing to the maillist
- to upload any papers, data etc following the recommendations in the 
tutorials. Legally it appears to be ok to have a pdf reprint in your 
"home page area", e.g. 
- previous mail to the maillist can be inspected in this area:
http://www.rotational-seismology.org/rotational-seismology/view -> 
"Browse the archive"

This is a fairly open system and we hope it will not be misused. Then we 
would have to find other routes.

Some other recent info (from WHK Lee): Two seminars on rotations were 
given recently at USGS (plus some comments):
1. The First 200 dB Broadband Seismometer and 10^-11 g Gravimeter - 
Doing Better Geophysics at One Microkelvin” (Kasevich, Stanford University)
2. Advances in Rotational Seismology & Monitoring Rotational Ground 
Motions in the San Francisco Bay Area (Lee, retired from USGS)
both comments and seminars can be accessed here:

"Data" -> "Real Time" section: 
http://www.rotational-seismology.org/data/real-time :
Data (at least from Wettzell ring laser) can be seen in real time. There 
still are some problems accessing other sensors. In case of large 
earthquakes it is fun seeing the rotational signals coming in (in case 
everything is working).

Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Kind Regards
Heiner Igel and Dieter Kurrle

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