[rotation] 2nd IWGoRS Meeting, Prague, October 11-13, 2010 - and miscellanous

Heiner Igel igel at geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Mar 10 14:23:52 CET 2010

Dear All,

1. 2nd IWGoRS Workshop
this is a first announcement of the 2nd Meeting of the International 
Working Group on Rotational Seismology, that will be held October 11-13, 
2010 in the Masaryk's College, Prague, Czech Republic. Details on the 
scope, program, etc. will follow in the next few weeks. PLEASE MARK YOUR 

2. Positions in Rotational seismology
A: PhD position on rotational seismology is available in Leipzig, 
Germany, details here:

B: A one-year postdoc position is open at LMU Munich in the area of 
rotational seismology. Please contact heiner.igel at lmu.de for more info.

Heiner Igel

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