[rotation] REMINDER: Special issue on rotational seismology Deadline

Heiner Igel igel at geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Jun 8 18:11:22 CEST 2011

Dear All,

this is a reminder for the deadline of the special issue on rotations in 
the Journal of Seismology.
The due date is JULY 31, 2011.

I attach a list of papers that are intended for submission. Note that 
this does not exclude further submission.
It might be a good idea to distribute preprints via this mail list to 
allow cross-referencing contributions were useful.

Kind Regards

> Dear All,
> please find below the call for papers. This information is also 
> available here:
> http://www.rotational-seismology.org/specialissue2011
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *Call for Papers: Special Issue on Rotational Ground Motions*
>  Recently tremendous progress has been made in observing and analyzing 
> rotational ground motions.  Accurate measurements of these additional 
> motion components are relevant in many fields of Earth and related 
> sciences: seismic instrumentation, earthquake physics, rock mechanics, 
> seismic tomography, earthquake engineering, detection of gravitational 
> waves, observing and analysing Earth's free oscillations, geophysical 
> exploration and others. We invite submission of research articles that 
> document substantial progress in any field related to the theory, 
> measurement, analysis, and application of rotational motions. Deadline 
> for submission is July 31, 2011. Articles should have no more than 10 
> journal pages. Please refer to the Journal www pages 
> (http://www.springer.com/earth+sciences+and+geography/geophysics/journal/10950) 
> for submission format issues.
> *Note: *The special issue is limited in size to approximately 180 
> pages. This implies that no more than 18 (ten-page) papers will be 
> accepted for the special issue. To help the editing process please 
> indicate your intention to submit a paper no later than April 1, 2011 
> by filling out this form 
> <https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dGNnSjg5VVJRcnVkcFU4ZUYtQzIxWWc6MQ#gid=0>.
> *Guest Editors:* Prof. H. Igel (Munich, Germany), Dr. J. Brokesova 
> (Prague, Czech Republic), Dr. J. Evans (Menlo Park, USA), Prof. Z. 
> Zembaty (Opole, Poland)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kind Regards
> Heiner Igel

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