[rotation] LMU seismology youtube channel/AGU videos and session

Heiner Igel igel at geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Sat Nov 21 16:55:06 CET 2020

Dear All,

we would like to make you aware of our new LMU seismology youtube channel:

*https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpXTjhkWS4_OJffBeAcWvkw * (please sign up)

that we intend to fill with science abstracts, videos on experiments, in
particular in the field of rotational seismology etc.

Current videos include:

- the November 2019 active experiment with more than 20 rotation
sensors, broadband seismometers and DAS cable (updated, new link)

- video abstract on tilt correction (Bernauer et al)

- video abstract on blueSeis validation (Yuan et al)

- video abstract on ROMY (Gebauer et al)

- video on October 2020 experiment using 6C and DAS systems on a model

- video abstract on mirozonation (Keil et al)

We also uploaded poster presentations for this AGU Fall Meeting

- ínversion of 6C motions for anisotropic parameters (Noe et al)

- microzonation combining 6C and H/V using noise measurements (Keil et al)

We hope to involve you in the discussions during the AGU Fall Meeting

*Observation of Rotation, Strain, and Translation in Seismology:
Applications, Instrumentation, and Theory* (S008, S012, S014)

Best wishes in these difficult times

Kind Regards


Prof. Heiner Igel
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Theresienstr. 41
80333 Munich - Germany
phone: +49 89 2180 4204

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